Saturday, January 26, 2008

When We Get Old & Gay

I am not mentioning Emirates, am not going in February, enough said.

I met up for a long and boozy lunch with The Ex today. We went to a pub local to me, he only lives down the road so it wasn’t a trek for him, and it’s sort of a gay pub and yet doesn’t advertise itself as one. It’s also quite an odd job place. No chairs or tables match, there isn’t a theme to the place and I don’t think they have heard of central heating. The food is really good though. I had a massive burger.

Sadly The Ex is having a bit of a hard time. His current fella who was actually his boyfriend before me has had an affair of sorts. He even advertised the fact on Facebook. I don’t particularly like the guy I am being very supportive and being a sound board though. No comments of ‘he’s a tit’ or ‘well you shouldn’t have your rejects back’ from me.

What came out of the whole conversation is that The Ex now thinks he is ugly, a loser and basically is feeling like shit. What also came up was what happens to us if we end up alone in our 50’s? Now I don’t want some people to start gay bashing the gay but it is something to think about. I mean with no family planned and a partner The Ex now thinks he will end up alone and he’s not a major gay scene fan. He doesn’t like Gaydar and OutEverywhere is now becoming the new Gaydar. So what do we have? I am perplexed at this, I mean what if I get widowed or Mr B does? What do we do? I have not been able to get the thought out of my head. Yes we have friends and yes there are the bars and clubs, there should be something else, and what that is I will be looking into. I feel there should be something that I can do.

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