Monday, January 28, 2008

Time Out on the Thames

Today has been one of those days where you really appreciate London. I met up with Jez for lunch (the first person that I have seen from Panto since it’s all been over) we were both late and I had for gotten there were two WHSmiths.

We had a nice meander down to the river under the arches (apparently Pleasuredrome is there, not that I have been there – honestly) and down by The National and then along the front, past one of my favourite parts of London. The book stalls that are under the bridges. I love them, mainly because as people will know all too well I am a book addict. I almost physically can’t help myself but buy the books, as my flat sadly shows with its piles and piles of unpacked boxes.

We had a nice lunch at Gourmet Pizza on Gabriel’s Wharf, another favourite part of London for me, and had a good gossip about all things pre and post Panto. It was interesting to get his take on all the highs ad lows from the whole thing. The reunion has been shifted and he’s not sure he can make it which is a shame. I must try harder to stay in touch with Chris P and the like; I have been a bit shit!

We then headed for a coffee before his next audition at the Old Vic; I actually really want to see the new play that’s coming on there with Kevin Spacey in it. In fact I wouldn’t mind trying to get hold of him for Bent. Anyways we wandered round realising that we couldn’t find any coffee bars around that part of Waterloo. We managed to find a sauna (Chariots) though as Jez is straight and I am taken we weren’t tempted. It’s been a good day. I haven’t done any work mind.

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