Tuesday, January 22, 2008

They Spiced Up My Life

Tonight was the night I had been waiting for and I had been waiting for months! I finally got to see the Spice Girls concert. Most of you who know me will know that I was a MAJOR fan of the girls, it almost bordered on obsession when I was in my mid teens. I had been to every tour they had done in the UK (twice on the World Tour with and without Geri) anyway tonight we went and saw.

I have been to the O2 quite a few times of late but never in the actual arena and they have done a brilliant job. We’d had an upgrade after ‘the interview’ and so we would have not been in the gods but quite high up as it was we got big seats and a really good view. The audience went wild before the show started as David Beckham came in with the kids and everyone was taking photo’s left right and centre.

The show started and the screaming was just immense. The whole show was amazing they belted through Spice Up Your Life, Say You’ll Be There, Stop and Headlines in the same outfits and then it was almost a new outfit every song. Victoria Beckham was smiling constantly, Mel B was raucous, Mel C was vocally stunning, Emma was… Emma and Geri was loving it to death totally taking the stage in her stride. Apart from when she fell over in ‘It’s Raining Men’.

Highlights for me were all the solo pieces (I love Emma’s ‘Maybe’) that they did, including the Catwalk that Victoria did as she wouldn’t sing. It was very much her taking the piss out of herself… and the audience goes crazy when she sings which I think is hilarious. ‘Viva Forever’ and ‘Holler’ as my favourite songs were for me the best bits, particularly ‘Viva Forever’ as they had made it really Latino. The opening was spectacular as well.

It was all too soon time to go home, I had to endure Mr B in a Spice Girls t-shirt on the tube, he hadn’t been to a concert like that before, mainly beach party type gigs, it blew him away. I felt a bit depressed after, there’s Kylie in the summer though.

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