Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tutankhamen & The Kite Runner

The title of today’s blog sounds a little bit like it should be a children’s adventure story its not, maybe it’s an idea though. In the excitement of the Spice Girls I forgot to tell you all about the Tutankhamen Exhibition that I went to first, it’s in London for an age and as we both had the day off Mr B and I decided that we would go as it’s cheaper during week days.

Well… he wasn’t even bloody there. I mean it’s an amazing exhibition but it’s not worth £20. I was really disappointed, is it me or does everyone think that you will actually see him after all the fuss the media has caused? I am really into the Egyptians and so I was quite bitterly disappointed frankly. Mind you I am also the first person to say ‘they should leave him alone and in peace and have some respect for the dead.’ So if you are expecting to see him save your money.

Something I was not disappointed by was ‘The Kite Runner’. I loved the book (even though I hated the main character I guess that’s the idea) and so as a treat took myself to the cinema today as a break from work. I thought it was brilliant. The two boys are amazing actors and the story is quite a harrowing tale and I didn’t think two young actors might be able to do it, also there’s been all that controversy around it, but they were both incredible. I don’t normally think movies do a book justice this one was just how I had imagined it would be. So go see it and I promise you’ll think it’s great. An afternoon well spent.

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