Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bloody BT

Ok I am livid, I have never been so vexed with a company in my entire life span – that is actually debatable but anyway that’s not the point! So today Mr B had sorted out a morning off so my flat could have a landline as I was going to my first press conference. Yes I have finally had the joys, but it pails into nothing after all that’s gone on.

So I phoned him from the O2 wanting to know if the internet would be working today (as now this is my job really I need it to be working from the go as I am on deadline week) and he said ‘oh I haven’t asked’ so after me then asking him to ask – tut, men – he then tells me that ‘the guy says the internet arrives in the post’. This didn’t seem quite right to me but I let it go.

I got home, line sorted, in a stupid place. Then I noticed no hub. So we had a landline and no wires, no phone and really no use of the thing. We went out and bought a lovely £50 phone (I wanted the £19.99 one but was given a look) then I thought no I will phone BT; this would have been the best idea sooner in hindsight. The announced that the hub should arrive today and it could actually be with me now if not it would be here by 6pm. Fucking wasted trip then wasn’t it really? I said this to them as there twatting engineer had said sweet nothing.

So then I had a hunt and no sign of the hub, no sign at 5.55pm so I phoned. ‘You need to phone the delivery company’ so I did. ‘Oh, it might be with you by seven… or maybe by nine.’ Now none of this made sense to me why would a company say 6pm, then 7pm and then 9pm. No hub at 9pm so phoned them back and received an automated system telling me ‘the office shuts at 6pm and reopens at 8am’. Ok I was furious and nearly threw the new phone across the room. The story will continue at 8am tomorrow…

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