Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Day of 2007

I can’t believe it’s the end of another year. So much has happened, both good and bad. In a lot of ways I have to say I will be glad to say goodbye to this year as it has been a tough one and I am also thinking next year is going to be amazing! Well it better bloody had be!

So with that in mind and new starts on my brain I have enroled at the gym! Yes Simon is going to try and get fit. I have to say that ‘Calvin’ frankly couldn’t be arsed to train me at all which really annoyed me as to be honest when you are paying £49 a month for an ex local leisure centre the staff could be a little more friendly. There’s no contract with this place so if it doesn’t impress I will leave.

The exercises they want me to do look far too long and daunting too! I mean considering I have done no exercise for sodding months they want me to do the cross runner for 15mins, then the treadmill for 15mins then the bike for 15mins. Plus 3 sets of 12 on various torture devices, I mean weights. However the new improved positive Simon of 2008 will find it all wondrous I am sure.

I am now just back from ‘Snow White’. I took Mr B to see his first ever pantomime thanks to the ex. We went to his theatre (Wimbledon) to see it and I have to say I was sadly disappointed. There was no dame which is always a downer for a panto frankly. The cast was ok with Ross Kemp (who I wrongly quite fancy) and Willow, you know the dwarf? The stage just seemed really empty all the time and Bobby Davro always pisses me off. I think he thought it was his very own live show. Mr B and the ex got on really well which was really good and made me happy.

Now am going to get my glad rags on for New Years Eve, the most over hyped evening of the year! I am meeting Muffintop and Al, plus PP and G! It should be a good evening as we have a table in Balan’s from 10.30 and plan on eating good food and getting very drunk. Speak to you very hungover in 2008! Goodness that seems so weird.

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