Sunday, March 02, 2008

Some Mothers Do Have Em

So my mother came down for the weekend this weekend and I have just dropped her back off at the station with my brother (7) and sister (9), to avoid the vile lows that I get after seeing them all and then knowing I wont see them for quite a while I have made sure that tonight I keep very busy. Sadly my freeview is broken, but my DVD is working so have an old favourite at the ready ‘Chocolate’ I love, love, love this movie. Mum brought down some Thornton’s yesterday so will be munching through those.

So what did we do this weekend? It started a little chaotically with Mum & Co catching an early train but trains being trains they got diverted via reading after a freight train over turned, a trip that should have had them arriving at 11am meant they actually got there at 1pm, which was the time they would have been here. I was secretly quite glad after waking up at 10am with a vile, vile, vile hangover (thank you Mr W) after getting in at 5am this morning absolutely off my face! I still had half the house to clean! I then randomly chose to not get the Northern Line and change to Paddington, but get the district from Wimbledon. I didn’t realise the district line was part closed so was late!

We headed to the National Portrait Gallery as Mum wanted the kids to get some culture so we did one of those ‘kid’s packs’ I don’t know who enjoyed it more; Seth and Miriam or Mum and me? Learned lots and found some new favourite paintings. Felt very cultured. Seth was brilliant with a map leading us around the place, is it bad that other than to go to the shop for something for a friend I have been to the National Gallery once in my nine years of London, its something I am going to do more of.

We went to China Town to see all the lanterns but with the wind of the night before they had all come down so let the kids try their first ever Dim Sum which they really loved. They are so much more adventurous than I was at there ages. Then Mum collapsed, we don’t know what exactly happened, one minute we were walking to Borders the next mum was face down on the floor with a very worried Miriam. We think she tripped on a car tyre it was really scary and we both felt for a few minutes it was going to be an ambulance job. Mum being Mum she simply dusted herself off and calmly carried on. So I can’t get my dramatic streak from her. The prospect of a book store was just the tonic and we sat in the kids section before being unable to resist the urge to shop ourselves and she made me buy a book. Right when I am on a book ban (the house is becoming a library) by Mr B! (It was ‘Darkmans’ by Nicola Barker and was only bought as my Mum wanted the book thief and was buy one get one half price!)

Went to the hotel, Mum had a rest, the kids read. Miriam is turning into the book worm that her elder brother and mother both were at that age. I went shopping, we reconvened and Mum finally came to inspect the flat and taste my home cooking. She liked the flat she liked the cooking. I got full approval, a rare feat from my mother. As we were walking back Miriam was whispering to Mum she wanted to ask me a question. Me and Mum are similar in the fact we think people shouldn’t be scared to ask questions. So she said ‘Simon will you and Mr B get married?’ She’s always been funny about that, telling Flo our cousin (aged 7) off for saying Mr B was my boyfriend. I said ‘yes we might do’ Seth came out with a corker ‘who would be the bride’ me and Mum couldn’t stop laughing all the way to the hotel.

I then came home and had my very own accident, after spring cleaning the flat from top to bottom for the royal visit I must have left some lemon crème in the bath or had one of my famous blackouts as I woke up in a contortionist’s position and now have the bruise below… Mum says I was trying to out do her. Most vexing I must say!

Sunday morning we met Mum (I had Mr B in tow) for the Premier Travel Inn’s buffet breakfast. Miriam finally hugged Mr B – he was so happy as she has been quite distant with him. Mum loved her camp Mother’s day card. I had bought her some books and an Alison Moyet CD. We then headed off to the London Dungeon. We were going to go for a Brazilian meal as Mum wanted to see Mr B in action talking the talk etc, but the lines were buggered so we couldn’t.

London Dungeon was great think Mum, Mr B and I enjoyed it more than the kids. Seth started crying at one point and got very scared, Miriam was fine until the Jack the Ripper part when it got a bit much. Seth started demanding to leave but as they had begged to go (and it costs a bloody lot) we dragged them through. Soon as he was out he said ‘that was brilliant’ kids eh?

Lovely Mother’s Day lunch in Little Italy, Seth devoured most of Mr B’s squid. The food was excellent and I recommend it to anyone, so many places can be ropey. Mum had originally stated she wanted to have a Knickerbocker Glory, but Miriam had pizza Bruchetta to start and a mammoth pizza for mains and we all had to finish those and Seth’s lasagne so it was a bit much. Then missed the train she wanted so made a mad dash to catch another. Now they have gone. Really miss them. Think Mum had a brilliant Mother’s Day though (have popped a picture of us both below), and if I am not mistaken may have had a tear in her eye as the train departed Euston.

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