Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Can Hear The (Wedding) Bells!

Now that all my family know and the date is sorted and everything I am very excited to announce that I am indeed getting hitched on May the 24th of this very year. Some of you will have known this was coming for a while, some of you will be a bit shocked and others of you will know Mr B and I have been having a bumpy ride and so this might look odd. So let’s start at the beginning…

Mr B actually asked me late last spring. I instantly said yes and I just knew he was the one; we hadn’t been together massively long so we decided after telling everyone that we would have a long engagement and get hitched in the summer of this year. As time grew nearer we changed or minds for lots of reasons (life is too short mainly). Now Mr B is from Brazil, so everything we did had to do had to be inline with the Home Office. This is where the bumps started. I had only told my closest friends and family about the wedding plan up to this point as we knew we could be rejected.

We saw a solicitor got it all sorted and then bless the home office; they changed the law on the 28th of February making everything simpler but harder all at once (its really long winded). I got cold feet via rising stress, argued with some of my family, then we rowed a lot, I wasn’t getting the big fairytale thing I wanted (I have a severe Cinderella complex at times ha, ha) and it was off. Yep… drama!

After talking everything through we sorted ourselves out (they say marriage is one of the most stressful times of your life – I now have less than two months to sort everything out) we applied and bugger me last week we got our ‘Certificate of Approval’ now it’s all systems go. No it hasn’t been the most romantic of times (though one of my mates has said ‘the amount of stuff you have had to go through is actually very romantic – you must want to be together so much’, we do) and the fact you have people breathing down your necks is hard but now its booked.

Actually random story of homophobia at the venue yesterday… when we were going to give notice I mentioned something like ‘so with the notice does it have to be exactly 15 days before the wedding?’ I really am quite clueless in the whole rules and regulations, I actually thought only gay people have to give notice, and it is in fact everyone. Anyways… ‘It’s not a wedding is it Sir, I think you will find it’s merely a partnership’ the over made up old crow sneered. Its fine, I have complained and I have been told the matter will be dealt with. Just thought would add that strange moment in for you all. Least our registrar is much nicer, she is like a character from Kath & Kim ‘grrrrrreatch’.

So now all I have to do is sort out; cake, meal venue, late night venue, some dj’s, outfits for me, best women, bridesmaids etc, what our vows will be, erm… pretty much everything! Any tips from anyone? Please?

I feel bad have said nothing sooner, I just needed to know it was definite before started shouting from the rooftops. The event is going to be very small, close family and friends for the ceremony and dinner and then lots more people (we hope) for the big send off in the evening. Oh and it perfectly coincides with ‘A Diary of a Mad Groom to Be’ coming very soon to a Bent Magazine near you. Seriously though myself and Mr B are overjoyed yet slightly daunted by the time frame. Hang on? Shouldn’t that be myself and the soon to be Mr S! How queer that sounds!

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