Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Underwear Everywhere!

I never thought I would utter these words sadly I am going to. I have had enough of men in their underwear. No I am not off to be straight, I have just spent the last two days emerged in men’s underwear. Boxers, briefs, CK’s, funky Primark patterns, Y Fronts, jock straps. I am done with it. My eyes cannot take anymore of the items or their bulging contents. Ok, maybe a slight overstatement!

I have been researching, until my brain can no longer function, a load of pants! All in the name of the love of my job of course, and I haven’t actually been seeing all of this in flesh but through the joys of the internet. We are doing an underwear and swimwear special (which Mr B might be the over of so look out for it) and I have been looking into the fetishes of underwear (if anyone has a fetish for it please email me, people don’t seem to want to speak out) and of all the crazy underwear you can get be it designer or as I have found fabulously cheap and crazy in Primark, they do the most awesome patterned pants. Oh god it’s taking over my life.

So two days and I have some sort of a feature lined up… ‘Lucky Pants’. Do you have a pair of lucky pants? Do they work? Do you have pictures of you in them would you be prepared to be interviewed about them? Are you anti-pants? Do you have a phobia of underwear, there is one but its not got an official name yet, believe me its true I have been in the forms. I like the idea of ‘pantiphobia’ or maybe you could just stick with commando? If so seriously drop me a line as the more the merrier, I feel my eyes and mind are numb to it. But please, feel free to comment away.

Right I think I had better go and iron my pants… what? What’s wrong with that? I'll leave you with a little treat I found on my travels!

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