Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wicked, Very Wicked & Harsh

Been a really busy few days hence no blogging but now I am back. Wednesday was very surreal with a slight hangover from the previous nights Polari I had a rare early morning meeting for a ‘breakfast’ with a certain jewellery designers, no I have not done a Katie Price and started my own range. It appears along with all things London and the Agony Uncle role I am now starting to do some fashion. I used to want to be a Fashion Designer so was quite excited about the do.

When I got there it was like walking onto the set of The Devil Wears Prada. They were practically sniffing out my Primark attire as a hound on the hunt for a fox. To say I didn’t fit in with half the people there was an understatement. I wasn’t female, blonde, dressed in the latest designer gear with a handbag worth over £1,000. My man bag was over £100 so I felt I could gain one gold star for that maybe… as it turned down not so. ‘Have you seen her Chanel bag? Oh it’s ghastly, more money than taste that one’ said a blonde thing looking at around £2000 worth of bag in question. I had my stuff put in the cloakroom without hesitation. The good things were the breakfast with Champagne (could get used to that) and the free jewellery especially as it’s a brand I actually like.

Wednesday also saw me late lunching with the hilarious Scott Capurro. I have not laughed that much in ages, pant wettingly funny. Fortunately not literally as I don’t think the people at Patisserie Valerie would have been very impressed. He is doing the Soho Theatre as of next week and if you get the chance please, please go as he is genuinely funny and though people seem to think he is ‘too out there’ if you pay attention to what he’s saying you will laugh and sometimes agree. Check out for more info!

Today has been a day of 2,500 words of ‘Untitled’ which is very, very pleasing though I know am going to have to go through and edit the bugger at some point, not until the end though I need to get it all out and on the page.

Late this afternoon I had an interview with the delightful Kerry Ellis. She plays the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) in Wicked, which is what it says and is off to Broadway shortly with the role. I am doing a ‘West End’ feature for Bent. Lovely lass, very open and genuine, we had a nice cuppa in her dressing room. Was odd going into the theatre I used to work at and having a nosey at how the other side lived.

DD had kindly invited me to be his plus one at Jodie Harsh’s Birthday Party. Boy does Jodie know how to put on a good bash. Love Circus and loved this event, was like a real life edition of OK! Magazine in there, I want a ‘Harsh is my Home Girl’ t-shirt as was sulking didn’t get one. Now it’s gone midnight and I am off to bed with Stephen King before a gorgeous 4 days off! Phew!

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