Sunday, March 16, 2008

Giving Up Giving In

My Fortnight Without TV

I have freeview again, thanks to the joys of my second trip to the supermarket this weekend, I have happily plugged in my new box after the last one popped (and died) two weeks ago to this very day. Really I should change the title of this blog to my week without TV as the first week I did watch some DVD’s and when was up north quite happily dipped into some serious TV ogling with Alice. This second week after a dare from Mr B I have avoided all telly there’s no money on it, just the interest of how I cope. I said fine, after all I am not telly addict. I have not been allowed to watch any DVD’s, no iPlayer or other internet demand TV. This is how I have gotten on.

Sunday – Bar the fact that I am missing Most Haunted I have no major sulk, after all I did have a serious OD of Most Haunted only three days ago, it still irks me that I have missed an episode I have never seen that I could. Ho hum, there is always next week. Have an evening of phoning all the family and some friends, bath, bed and book.

Monday – No Bent work, normally would possibly watch an old classic movie like ‘Pillow Talk’ or ‘All About Eve’ on a no Bent day to break up my writing. Write for two hours then hit a small brick wall. Manage to get lost in Facebook for over an hour and myspace too. Feel like rebelling and going on Youtube but bar the Madonna video finally being aired I have agreed I won’t do that. Read. Pop out for a mooch round the shops, write for another hour, finish off book.

Tuesday – Busy all morning – good. Interview cancelled for the afternoon. Bugger. Am going out in the evening so it’s fine. Type up the morning’s interview, followed by a nice long soak in the bath, have realised like baths more than showers, feel have learnt something. Have several pointless MSN conversations. Go to Polari. Muffintop is asking me if saw that great show on TV last night? I have to restrain myself from beating her over the head with the Pizza Hut pan.

Wednesday – wake up early and hungover, have stupid breakfast thing so writing will have to wait a few hours and can’t concentrate on new book. Once home from ‘breakfast’ stay in some sort of no mans land staring at the ceiling and out of the window until it is time for my lunch date. This fabulously goes on for over 2 hours. Get home, play with cat, after an hour or so she gets freaked out, why is Simon spending so much time with me in one go? I do play with her and love her a lot, but normally while I am typing or relaxing on the bed… with the TV on. Maybe just maybe I like the telly a little too much? I am always telling people ‘nah I don’t watch that’ or ‘oh I gave up with that, have stopped watching it’ – so why now am I missing it so? Torchwood, I realise.

Thursday – Editor gives me some add-ons for this month’s issue. Keeps me busy for an hour or so then manage to type over 2,000 words of my book. Feel very accomplished and begin to think ‘who needs TV’. As Stephen King says in On Writing (which I finished last night) TV is the biggest problem for a writer. I think ‘pah all 41+ channels who needs you, I have some great stories going on in my head.’ Go out to the Jodie Harsh Birthday party get very drunk. Come home do blog and stick my tongue out at the TV feeling very pleased with self.

Friday – The hangover is unbearable, too much free drink. The fact I realise I missed Dawn porter on BBC3 and cant watch the repeat on TV or the internet even more depressing. I don’t want to go out, write or read. The TV looks at me, what I would kill for a ‘Hettie Wainthrope’, ‘Rebus’, ‘Inspector Morse’, ‘Agatha Christie’ or even a goddamn ‘Emmerdale Omnibus’ and I gave up soaps a year ago. What’s more I look at my diary… nothing down to do. Fortunately ‘the ex’ calls seeing if I am free this afternoon for a late lunch. I could kiss him. By 7pm am sat back in the flat, the TV jeering at me. I get in the bath with Stephen King and get immersed.

Saturday – Mr B and I spend a rare Saturday morning and afternoon together. Lovely. Only in the afternoon he really wants to watch TV. I find this cruel. He knows I can’t watch anything and he is the one who bloody dared me. He goes through the DVD’s and is going to slip one on, I go mental. He changes his mind, wise move. (I have some big news on me and Mr B – will tell next week when is sorted.) He leaves and I get typing for a few hours. Having done my daily minimum. Put on some music, and try to relax. End up in long silly msn chats so decide it’s a waste and have a bath. No one on MSN when out of bath, feel sulky and a bit bored. Read, read and read. Feel better. Open the Guardian and see The Guide fall out, full of all the things can look forward to next week… and all the fabulous things have missed ‘Most Haunted’, ‘Torchwood’, ‘Dawn Gets…’ and ‘Love Soup’. Through said Guide across the room.

Sunday – all feels well it’s plugged in; I don’t actually want to watch anything though. Maybe watch the Dancing on Ice Final and definitely Most Haunted, maybe a mid afternoon movie with Mr B? Other than that its no great shakes, it’s just nice to have there if I need it, plus have written more this week than ever. Plus after all as I said I’m not addicted, you just miss what you had when it’s gone.

Next week Simon gives up caffeine and the internet – as bloody if!

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