Sunday, March 09, 2008

Let's Talk About Sex

The great thing for me about being a writer and doing the journalism stuff for Bent is that I get to do weird and whacky things, some are chosen for me and some I choose to do myself. Today was one of those ‘oh I think I need to do that’ jobs, partly for the fact that the stuff I could learn would help with my agony uncle column ‘Simon Says’ and also as it would be good to have something a bit different in the magazine. So (along with Mr B) I headed for the new Sexhibition ‘Amora’ under the Trocadero in Piccadilly.

‘Amora’ is a fairly new exhibition that looks into sex, sexuality and the like. Right up my street for the column and something that fascinates me. I am not shy of the subject; let’s leave it at that as I know some of my family read this. I will say one thing I do think everyone be they 16 – 90 straight, gay, whatever deserves to have a full sex life that they want be it lots, none or… erm, somewhere in the middle? It’s not like you have to broadcast it to the world, but should you want to that’s your choice, I am now going off on a tangent.

The idea of Amora is that you discover more about yourself, how you work, how your partner works. These are through various ‘touch’ zones, some footage and lots and lots of information which is very easy to digest. There was a slight stumble on arrival, and that was the fact my contact had forgotten to tell the management I was attending. The staff are so friendly though and within a few minutes I was in with the walkie talkie (I did make a point that it shouldn’t JUST be a breathy seductive woman) to my ear ready for ‘my journey’. And it truly is just that it’s a journey from body language and dating to the final act and relationships and making love last. I am not going to go through everything (there is an Orgasm Tunnel) as you should go on the journey yourselves. I will say it’s NOT pervy or uncomfortable, and not like someone suggested some sort of orgy! You could go on your own or take your partner. Most of all its FUN! Check the picture below, I was looking slightly bemused.

The Duty Manager and I got talking at the end in the shop and they are doing courses for all sexualities. (They have some really interesting facts and information on gay and bi-sexual relationships as you go round.) They are massage, confidence etc. The things I firmly believe in and well I never something they may want me to be involved in! Randomly I may be helping on these now, I’ll keep you posted! Apparently Head Office called me a Sexpert – once the confusion of who I was and where I was from was sorted. I don’t think the title is quite me but hell; I’ll wear it with pride.

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