Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It Was My Birthday & I Cried ‘Cause I Wanted To

So yesterday I hit the big 26! Now I mentioned in a previous blog that I was none too happy about this. Not because I was getting older (bring it on) but because my early twenties were officially dead, I can never have those back. I have the fond memories and the not so fond ones that helped me grow up and become who I am.

So I woke up slightly hungover (thanks to the fabulous Lovers & Losers – more later) and it hit me, I was heading into my late twenties. ‘No problem’ I thought… and breathe no palpitations for the birthday bint. When I opened the four cards (bloody bank holiday post) one was from Gran, no Bong. They always say the first Christmas and birthday without someone is hard. I didn’t realise it would hit me like a slap around the face. I cried. And cried. And Cried.

I felt much better, until I remembered that thanks to my swallowed bank card I had no money, neither did Mr B, so we couldn’t do anything fun and I had no presents to unwrap. Fortunately Mr B had a small emergency fund which paid for a trip to the cinema to see Juno where we both cried. I kept telling myself that this was therapeutic. No cards cos of the post, Juno, no money, getting older, only a few calls, it was a low. I had Mr B though! I also had a hangover and looking back at the photo below which was part of the cause of the hangover I felt very happy.

The photo was taken when I was 26 years and 20 minutes old. It to me celebrates some of the best things about being 25 and some of the things I look forward to in the future aged 26. The photo is at Lovers & Losers last night in Trash Palace (on of my favourite haunts) hosted by two new people I met aged 25 and hope I can call friends; Paul Burston and Dom Agius (pictured) they also do Polari, through these events I have made some great new mates (you know who you are) and had some fun times. Yes FUN has been and will continue to be high on my agenda. Fun, fun, fun! Thinking of new things that have happened in the last year makes me feel positive, like my new career. So bring on being 26. It’s going to be a blast new people, new experiences, new ‘stuff’ I want it all. Plus something very exciting and life changing will be happening to me aged 26…

…More of that soon! What? I have to keep you guessing!

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