Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm Overpowered...

To say tonight’s gig at The Roundhouse was stunning or superb would be an understatement. It was Roisin Murphy and she was amazing, in fact f**king amazing some might say. The Roundhouse is a venue I hadn’t been to before and though I loved Moloko and both Roisin’s albums I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing her live before.

She opened with ‘Modern Timing’ a fan favourite which merged into ‘The Time Is Now’ it started very simply with just her in a funky suit bowler hat and a guitar and bass. As soon as the next single ‘You Know Me Better’ started she was off, and so were the audience. It was like a festival of sight and sound, dramatic and just mind blowing and all with just her a band, backing singers and a screen.

She sang another Moloko track ‘Forever More’ which I had forgotten how much I loved, ‘Sow Into You’ and ‘Ramalama (Bang Bang)’ from the first solo album ‘Ruby Blue’ other than that it was a real showcase for the jaw droppingly brilliant album ‘Overpowered’. The audience (and what an audience it was, I felt like I was in Fire or Trade in Vauxhall – oh and Tracey Thorn was there, love her, as were Lady Lloyd and Kanye West) lapped it all up particularly the title track, the last single ‘Let Me Know’ and the amazing, amazing ‘Movie Star’.

Not only does Roisin have an amazing and unique voice but her presence on stage is perfection. The costumes are fantastic with hats and edgy dresses being the name of the day and I was literally blown away. Am just slightly scared about interviewing her in a few weeks now! I think I will have stage fright, something she clearly doesn’t.

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