Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shots of My Saturday

I realised as I walked to Sainsbury’s today that I had my camera with me. So as I went I decided to take pictures of things that made me ponder, smile or whatever. Here some of the images I came up with.

The Tower
Possibly one of the ugliest buildings that I have ever seen and the nation seemed to agree as it was voted one of the top ten building to demolish – they still haven’t. There is something distinctly ominous about it, something wrong. My little sister Mim says it reminds her of something out of Doctor Who, she’s not wrong! Would make an interesting setting for a story, maybe?

Next Mannequins
I always like to go to the Tandem Centre if am shopping, now one of the first shops of I will pop into (and never buy anything from – have seen a fabulous ‘Mr Lazy’ t-shirt today) now you look at these jackets…

Do you think they deserve to be the price they are labelled at? (I have the feeling its a cock up!)

They Have Bastardized Enid Blyton
This really upset me today. Really, really, really upset me. I have banged on about book covers before; these are shocking and make it look really, really cheap. I am all for getting children to read but this is a disgrace. She is part of our heritage and shouldn’t have her covers cheapened to make her look like she wrote computer games.

Now Just What The Heck Is One Of These?
I will admit I might have released a little snigger, I just wasn’t expecting my local party shop to be advertising one of these. I now want to know what one is, am a little frightened of googling it though. Should I be upset I missed out on having one? All I got through puberty was spots and mood swings.

Pigeon Chicks
There is that saying that you never see pigeon chicks… I have today. We were walking from the lovely Merton Abbey Mills market after a light lunch when we heard some tweeting; we had a nosey and look what we found!

So that’s that, a random and possibly pointless set of snap shots into my world today! Promise a more interesting blog next time. Sometimes though we should just take stock of the little things in life, or maybe I am just being too deep?

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