Friday, March 07, 2008

A Stella Trip

Had a fabulous time up north, bar the morning sickness which seemed a slight issue on a few occasions. No I am not pregnant. Was seeing Alice who is nicely pregnant with twins hoorah, those of you who know me well will know this means a hell of a lot to me and the Savidge family after a pretty diabolical year.

Arrived yesterday early to find Alice already cooking pasta and tomatoes, yes a random craving at 10.30am, this was followed by one for a Breakaway which was caused after I was talking about booking a small ‘break away’ we couldn’t find one sadly so she had to make do with a Twix or something! Hang on do Twix still exist? I haven’t seen any in ages!!!! We then had a Pizza Hut craving today, only with no cheese, the mind boggles.

We did shopping yesterday until afore mentioned morning sickness (or as Al is calling it ‘all day sickness’) took hold in Manchester Town Centre and we went home. I had needed to get the new Stella Duffy book ‘The Room of Lost Things’ after giving my copy to me mum, more on Stella later. We then had a night of M&S ready meals – so good, so not good for you, especially as we had that horrifically calorie filled Bread & Butter chocolate pudding that was simply deliciously wrong – and watched Most Haunted at our home town of Matlock Bath. It was filmed in ‘the Pav’ where my Mum and Dad met at a school disco. Interesting? Then we watched a mutual favourite ‘Dawn Gets…’ good god I love that show.

Today was an early showing of ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ followed by Pizza Hut. The film is good but not as good as the book (they rarely are) all the acting is top notch. If you like a good corseted romp it’s for you, if you want historical facts let yourself have your boundaries of ‘fact’ pushed. I nearly missed the train back and before I knew it I was back in London.

I would have had my usual ‘I miss the north’ blues, had it not been I was meeting the delightful author Stella Duffy for coffee and an interview and catch up. I had seen her at Polari last month and really liked what she had read and so wanted to get her in Bent. (There is a good gay story in there!) She was delightful, very warm and friendly and really happy to tell me the ins and outs of publishing (and give me some tips) and I had a really lovely time. Loving her work. I almost didn’t want to leave for the opening of ‘Movieum’. I am half way through ‘The Room of Lost Things’ and think it is worth while having on any bookshelf… plug, plug, plug! He he! I won’t give much away check it out on Amazon etc and get it. I know something deeper is going on than you first think, well I feel it is, and the characters and descriptions of the life in South London are brilliant.

After that met Muffintop at Embankment for the ‘Movieum’ opening, it’s a new exhibition on at the big building near The Eye – cant remember the name. It’s, as you may have guessed, all about the movies and saw us drinking a bit too much champagne and having a bit too much fun with the dummies of Superman, Judge Dredd, and Batman etc . Now am home, a little tiddly and feeling like have done a bloody lot!

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