Sunday, April 27, 2008

Young (And Old) Guns Go For It...

So the weekend that I have been waiting for and talking about for ages, no not the wedding, the 80’s fancy dress party for Caz & Phil’s 40th Birthday. We arrived in Matlock later than normal as I felt Mr B deserved a lie in. Mum came and picked us up from the station with Matt which was nice of her as her and my Step Dads outfits took quite some getting into. We were soon at Gran’s where she had everyone working like it was some small slavery. Seriously I kid you not, Matt was clearing plants, Cath was weeding, Mum had been mowing, Tim was polishing. Mr B and myself took the kids to play on the Tup as they appeared a little bored. What’s the Matlock Tup I hear you cry? It’s a piece of land near my Gran’s where they have some old bomb shelters and the kids like playing on. There were some other kids with two gorgeous Puppies. Mr B was in high favour Alfie just wanted to play football non stop in his Brazil football kit.

We had them back in time for Doctor Who (does anyone else think this new series is just nowhere near as good?) as for them to have missed out would have been shocking and I would never have been forgiven. We then headed to Caz’s to get ready and this is myself and Mr B as Wham…

Here are some more photos’ for your delight of the family, starting with the birthday boy and birthday girl Caz & Phil.

Alice (hiding her twin bump) and Patrick

Matt and Cath (or as I call her Frinny Frop Frey Froo)

And a very special photo of my mother (words fail me) and my step dad.

It was a brilliant party; the village hall had been turned into a proper 80’s hall. There were some very rude naked balloon figures of Caz and Phil as well as a naked cake. Sadly it was eaten before I got a photo! It was full of faces from the Savidge childhood and a lot of people who hadn’t seen me since I was 4, so that was quite odd. It was also a night of ex’s, not mine, both my mother and Alice dated Phil’s brother and then halfway through the night a revelation was announced. The DJ who I was calling Mr Cheese (he didn’t play ‘Into the Groove’ which I thought was just wrong) used to date my mother! Well I was shocked.

Midnight and we were all very drunk. Very, very, very drunk. You might be able to tell from the photo below I was quite sloshed!

The party wasn’t over however and we headed over to Caz’s once more with most of the 100 guests to drink more copious amounts of bubbly and get totally hammered. The birthday girl announced at 2am ‘everyone’s gone… that’s what happens when your bloody 40!’ 3am came and it was just Caz, Mr B and I. It was fabulous. It made me wish the 80’s were here again for real.

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