Monday, April 21, 2008

Pillow Talk

...Is one of my all time favourite films; however this is not a blog devoted to the Goddess Doris Day. No, this is devoted to the fact I am officially going crazy, mainly due to a lack of sleep.

Part of it is pre-wedding stress (33 days and counting), I mean the whole thing is 87% sorted but there is still quite a way to go. I am so sick of talking about my ‘blissful forthcoming day’ I wont say anything more. Apparently my body is not sick of this and I had a conversation, in my sleep, with Mr B at 4am about the colours of the table decorations and how I wasn’t keen. The mind boggles and clearly doesn’t sleep. I also need to say a big thanks to the life and sanity savers Muffintop and Mitch who spent 9 hours with me on Saturday and helped me organise some final things, best women are the way forward. I treated them to Stark Dallas Naked after which was a treat but we all agreed was false advertising, we didn’t see a single winkle! The other part is the mix up with those buggers the bailiffs over a mistaken identity which though now sorted has been bloody stressful. Part of it is the fact I am scared of flying and keep dreaming of all the things that could go wrong, going wrong on the way to Philadelphia (10 days and counting). Or it could be seeing my whole family in my home town this weekend dressed as Wham (4 days and counting). Phew!

Mainly it’s the bloody pillows. For most of my life I have been one of those people for who more is never enough. As I get older like a lot of things in life I find that less is more (just higher quality). We finally through out my shite ‘so thin they don’t exist’ Sainsbury’s basic ones (all 12 of them, only 4 were for Mr B) after coming back from the Spa break in Paris and me having had one of the best sleeps of my life with only two pillows, but these pillows were the fluffiest, bulging and delicious pillows I have slept on. I’m like Goldilocks… in so many ways, where can I find three lovely bears, ha ha!?

When we came back we bought the closest thing we could find and for the first few weeks it’s been fine. Now however I need to see a back and neck person (I have forgotten the term) as after sleeping on these new diving pillows I’ve gone and gotten a crick in my neck, lovely. Finally this morning at 7am I had the brain wave of ‘hang on I don’t have to use both I could just try one’ this is too soft and divine. How can that be? Well when you wake up three hours later after the deepest sleep and for 30 minutes are clueless if you are awake still in a dream or drugged and cannot shake that delicious sleepy state which is not conducive to writing and hitting deadlines, it can be an issue. So what do I do? I need help, and sleep!

Reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseni
Watching: Sex & The City Season 1 – 6
Listening to: Hard Candy – Madonna (Heartbeat is amazing!)

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