Friday, April 04, 2008

I Vow Not To Laugh

Mr B and I have received a lovely parcel in the post, it is the DVD from Mr B’s dads second wedding, and this would be the wedding that Mr B refused to go to last year. I couldn’t wait; I am currently full of the joys of weddings with it possibly being one of my favourite and most current words in my vocabulary at present.

We also received a brilliant phone call which changed the time of the wedding… sorry partnership, from 10am to 4pm so I am very much relieved. It also had attached the options of vows for the ceremony. We have practised reading them all aloud to see which ones I like and which ones we will use in our own special vows we are creating. This had had surprising effects, Mr B cannot stop crying every time he tries to do them (I am hoping this is emotional rather than scared and thinking ‘what am I doing?’ tears) and I get the uncontrollable giggles, seriously I start laughing proper belly laughs by the end. How on earth do I combat this?

One thing that didn’t look a barrel of laughs was Mr B’s Dad’s matrimonial ceremony. They didn’t really look each other in the eye as instead they spoke into a microphone for the camera saying their vows and barely smiled. Odd, apparently it was nerves. They also had one of the most expensive (in a ‘we have lots and lots of millions of pounds but sadly no taste’ kind of way – I know I am evil, Mr B agreed however) and the highlight for me was a wall sized, I kid you not, picture of the two of them that they posed against. It was one of those soft focus all pastels number, I was laughing so much I cried tears.

I have since decided that I am not having our ‘do’ filmed. I definitely want photos, video not on your nelly, no way. I don’t want to watch myself talking and saying the vows and all that, mind you I might change my mind in the future and then we wont have anything because I didn’t want it at the time, oh no what do I do. This whole thing is so, so, so vexing.

Right, back to the grindstone of writing, both vows and work. Mr B has decided that vows are my job ‘you are a writer after all Baby’. What a cop out!

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