Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring Cleaning & Dirty Laundry

I have spent the last few days sorting the flat out ready for the forthcoming move in June. It was time to go through my boxes (still unpacked from December 2006 I haven’t bought any shelves still, I know where everything is the boxes are labelled) and sort out what stuff I really need and don’t. The main thing on the hit list was books. Oh how that has pained me, the charity shops in Tooting are now much more nicely stocked. Typically I went into one and gave them lots of books and left with some new ones. I MUST STOP BUYING BOOKS, I just can’t. I got vouchers for my birthday too, shame.

Today I have been routing through dirty secrets, not mine, I have just found that some of the characters in ‘the book’ are unleashing some dark secrets here and there which I am really enjoying. I was discussing this with Jeremy when he came round for lunch and brainstorming on our project. (The project is going really well, though I admit I had done less homework that a certain swat tut!) He is also writing a novel and we both thought that when people say ‘the characters write themselves’ it was a load of pretentious twaddle, we have however both found this is quite the opposite. We are both being led on by our characters in ways we wouldn’t have thought. One place that I have been taken by the characters is the laundry of the ‘home’ and that’s not pretty.

Speaking of dirty laundry I love the new series of The Apprentice already. We are only two weeks in and I am hooked already. I have also found my latest villain of the series and who I want to win; can you guess who they are? On that note now I have a lovely clean and sparkling junk free flat so I think I better have a lovely clean me in it too. It’s time for a long hot soak with number four of ‘The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency’ series.

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a swot? me? haha