Friday, April 18, 2008

Fagazine & April Meadows

I decided that I would have a day off today I am not sleeping due to stress and the idea of writing wasn’t high on the list of my agenda’s to be honest… at least that is how the day started.

I started off with cleaning the flat, a bit of domestic goddess-ness never hurts does it? I then decided that I would write the final lot of invites (I am refusing to look at the table plan) and so put Sex & the City on in the background. Within an hour randomly I had come up with a concept for a new gay magazine. One I am in my head calling Fagazine, I want it to be like Cosmopolitan, you know naked men and recipes, I think it could work I just need to work out how.

Working out how to do this depressed me so I watched The Apprentice and then randomly found a little gem… Belonging! It’s this welsh drama that is HUGE there and my ex (who is welsh) used to talk about all the time. I also had heard about it from Eve Myles – who stars in it – when I interviewed her. So I watched it and loved it, its funny, its real and it’s a bit naughty. I then checked out the website it has everything, family trees, the stories of every character past and present its great it makes the whole of the fictional town of Bryncoed seem so real it’s a treat.

So now I want to write a Soap Opera kind of thing too. Already in the space of an afternoon I have the Cul-de-Sac ‘April Meadows’ in my head, and have already thought up three families and some gay neighbours, delicious. So am gonna get cracking on that this evening! Not the day of leisure I had envisaged but a day of some good fun and some serious ideas. Oh and I left out myself and Disco Igor’s plans for Pop Stardom… maybe some other time!

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