Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bowled Over

I am knackered after a day of severely bowling my ass off, yes after seeing Lars & The Real Girl myself and Mr B have spent the day in Queensway eating, bowling, catching a movie and then bowling severely. He won more than me and yet I got more strikes, how is that possible. Well I am a bit of a rogue bowler and it appears I can get strikes as often as I can hit nothing at all ‘gutter ball’ style which is weirdly 50/50. So in my exhaustive state here is a list of all I have and haven’t been doing in the last few days.

- I have had to wait in for 6 hours for a call from EDF after they threatened to drill my locks (mistaken identity and wrong details) they never called. Its fine now I have checked.
- I have used the word wedding to the point of boredom, worst scenario ever today, two gay couples getting married and comparing stories, designs and ideas… no, no, no.

- I have forgotten I am intolerant to Guava and thrown up. Thanks for those Brazilian treats Robert ha, ha, ha. He didn’t know what hit him, it was my projectile vomiting.

- I have finished the nightmare novel ‘A Quiet Belief in Angels’ and started a delicious novel ‘Digging To America’ by Anne Tyler, brilliant book.

- I haven’t drunken any alcohol but felt drunk on two occasions – odd.

- I have put Hoyden on a strict ‘biscuit’ diet, she knows why and keeps looking at me as if to say ‘I know you must do this, however I hate you a little and may poo on your clothes sometime’.

- I have loved the chick flick that is ’27 Dresses’ and am completely unashamed to say so, so there.

- I have found some old records that are genius (Vanessa Paradis and Naomi Campbells albums) the first so motown and camp it’s fantastic, the second so trashy and camp it’s fantastic. Both very wrong, but so right!

- I have written none of it was what I should have been writing.

- I have had coffee on my own in Wimbledon Village (how posh) and made some notes for the novel and then spent a little too much on rich peoples cast offs in the charity shops up there.

- I haven’t been sleeping very well, boo hoo.

- I have cried over the end of Torchwood Series 2, no really, I cried. I also rejoiced at the start of the new Doctor Who series. Catherine Tate is much less shouty and therefore better than last time. Why is Rose back? I need to know!

- I have tried some new Brazilian food in Bayswater Market, I haven’t bought a whole ‘anything’ yet, instead heading for the Burger King.

- I have been addicted to bowling.

- I have thrown away my favourite boots after they cut the back of my heel off, it was a delight as I am sure you can imagine. It still hurt to let them go.

- I have eaten far too many ‘children’s’ puddings. Kids have it so bloody good these days. I name two flavoured two toned Fromage Frais for a start from Much Bunch!

Wow that seems like quite a lot. Am sure something is missing.

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