Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's Letter is F, the Number is 88

‘F’ for ‘Frustration’, ‘F**k’ and ‘Fury’, mainly just the ‘Frustration’ really. ‘88’ is for the numbers that I have said the second ‘f’ today, and I think ‘88’ is probably an understatement.

Do you ever have an idea that you know would work, people around you know would work and then the people who matter and could make it real think it doesn’t work? This is my main problem today. Tomorrow after some sleep on the matters maybe I will feel better about this and maybe they will have changed their mind though it’s unlikely.

The second ‘F’ has been said rather a lot today. Be it ‘for f-s sake’ or ‘f-it’ or ‘f-ing f-ing, f’ this is mainly as the words are not coming from my head through my chewed to buggery nails and onto my laptop and into the magic of Word. In fact Laptop and I are almost not on speaking terms. I simply cannot get my fingers to express what my ‘f-ing’ brain needs it to!

I have also been looking for more ‘Freelance’ and to say it’s jumping out for me and vice versa would be a serious lie. I have sent various ideas to various people and will keep persevering; I think its just one of those ‘f-ing’ days. Some might say I am in the ‘Depths of Despair’ as todays latter is ‘F’ I would say the Fortress of Fury.

A short and sweet blog today but I think if I spend another second with Laptop there may be tears… So one final ‘f’ for you all. Farewell!

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