Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deadlines, Diets & Devious Men

Deadline week has been upon me which is why I have been so quiet. As I am sure I have told you all before it’s when I suddenly get a mild panic that have forgotten something important or just forgotten something. Fortunately this month it doesn’t seem the case.

I have started a diet (which was slightly defeated when Mr B brought me muffins and cookies the other day, he doesn’t want me to be toned or thin apparently, the feeder) which involves no alcohol, minimal bread and pasta intake as advised by Mr Agius. I wasn’t drinking anyways; this may go down the pan next weekend when I am off up north for Cazzie’s 40th birthday party. Its an 80’s all out number and myself and Mt B are going as Wham. I am going to be George; I have the belly for it!

Devious men, there haven’t really been any but it’s from a song I love’ deadlines, diets and devious men’ so thought it would make a good blog title. Have had some good nights out with some fabulous men though. Wednesday was the launch night of ‘Electrosexual’ Paul Burston and Dom Agius’s new night at Freedom. It was a good laugh, like all first nights it started off quietly but a good crowd was in sadly Muffintop had a train to Paris (she’s so cosmopolitan) and I had a an interview with a Pop Diva early on Thursday so we couldn’t stay out past 11 and by then it was in full party swing. ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Freak Out’ made us stay on the floor and even saw us dancing in our bags and coats, next time we’ll be out in force am sure.

Tonight was ‘Euro Beats’ it’s the Eurovision Musical and I have not laughed or enjoyed myself that much in a long time. The perfect escapism from wedding plans which are just crazy at the moment. I was there with Best Man 1 (my little brother is also being my best man) Panders and we had a jolly old night though I think I might have chewed his ear off a little about weddings. Before I saw him I saw ‘the ex’ who works at Wimbledon Theatre to give him his invite, it suddenly seems much more real when you start handing the invites out. Scary.

You must, must, must go and see Euro Beat if you get the chance though it is truly an experience and night you will never forget, and vote Estonia I have not seen a more camp and hilarious performance since… well since… Jordan tried to get in Eurovision herself. There is even some pink lame thrown in, it’s a treat. Right, back to the writing board, am doing all the invites by hand and it’s taking forever! Fortunately with Sex and The City on back to back in the background it doesn’t seem such a chore!

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