Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mooching Monday, Poetic Polari, Workaholic Wednesday and Trapped Thursday

It’s been an odd week this week. Monday was spent spending money, such a hard life, as after some debate Mr B gave me money to get myself some belated birthday presents. I had a good old mooch down Oxford Street and the area. Mr B technically got me some very good presents;
- Stardust DVD
- Enchanted DVD
- ‘The Battle for Gullywith’ Susan Hill’s latest book
- Red Converse boots
- Lovely new jumper with button up shoulders
- Ticket to see ‘Funny Games’ which was a nasty little film.
- A copy of the new Mariah Carey album (if you know where to shop)
From that list you could never tell that I was gay could you ha, ha, ha.

Tuesday saw me interviewing Take That… sort of. It was the boys from ‘Never Forget’ for my ‘West End Special’ for Bent Magazine. The West End Special that’s going a bit wonky but shush we won’t say that. Am waiting on some interviews and it’s a bit of a nightmare but it’ll get there.

The evening saw Muffintop and I meeting for this months instalment of Polari, I personally have called this ‘Poetic Polari’ Frances Bingham was reading some poems from a collection she has put together of Valentine Ackland and her lover Sylvia. I didn’t know anything about Valentine but would now like to know a lot more. I admit poetry is not my favourite foray into literature but this was superb, very deep and emotional, and Frances was a perfect reader both explaining the background stories of the poems, Valentines life and also some very comic timing particularly the comment on the poem she has read on Women’s Hour, it was very racy. Paul and Dom were as usual the perfect hosts, am really looking forward to the new night next Tuesday ‘Electrosexual’ at Freedom Bar.

Wednesday I worked like a bugger. It’s coming up to deadline week which usually entails sudden extra work and me running around like a blue arsed fly going into a mild panic. Fortunately most of the stuff has come up tops. I am now slightly ahead, though my internet then crashed and I couldn’t send anything to my editor.

Big Sis came for an early dinner (Mr B did his lethal Paella) and finally came to meet Mr B himself – she approves whole heartedly. We then went to Wimbledon to see ‘Never Forget: The Musical’, I can hand on heart say its brilliant. The story line is a little ropey but that’s always the way in this new genre of musicals. The audience were screaming, dancing and singing – no not me – and really getting into it. Plus as The Ex is the Manager it was free entry, drinks and treats all round, you can’t get a better night. Am off to see the Eurovision Musical next week ‘Eurobeat’ I will report back to you on it in due course, everyone says its cheesy, camp and fabulous… sounds promising.

Today has been bloody horrid. I have been trapped at home with a migraine. I get them every so often and they are bloody horrid, cant open the curtains, cant read as can't concentrate. One thing that did help in my low state was Desperate Housewives, have now watched up to episode 10. I loved Series One; hated Series Two, missed Series Three but this series is excellent. Have also received the review series DVD of ‘Pushing Daisies’, which is out this week, and everyone seems to be going hype crazy over in America and now here too. May watch that tomorrow when I can so may also report on that. I do love Anna Friel.

Oh speaking of America just read a brilliant book by the American author Anne Tyler. Her novel ‘Digging to America’ is wonderful. It’s about two families who adopt two girls from Korea and is really a kind of social study on American family life, very funny, sad, and moving, you’ve got it all. Am undecided what to read next. Any good reads people can recommend? Not that I am technically allowed to buy books at the moment.

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