Monday, December 03, 2007


So the big day arrived, after a weekend of watching Torchwood from start to finish, I went to the Rex Cinema to see the first episode of Series Two. Or season two actually, since when did we get so American? It’s a good start it has to be said, and its going to BBC2 and the kids can watch an edited version. The man on man actions not being edited the violence is, and that’s the way it should be frankly! Was a lot of waiting around but the people at the Beeb were gorgeous and ever so friendly, you could tell by 4pm they wanted out!

Interviewed Russell T. Davies who was bloody lovely and gave me an awesome quote scathing Madonna, Eve Myles was awesome and I would happily take her on as a new fag hag anytime she should desire it. John Barrowman was nice but had just had a vile interview with some div who said he couldn’t act… leaving me a slightly wary and edgy interviewee, we had a laugh and I got all I wanted.

The Rex Cinema is really nice and they laid on a really nice breakfast, I shared eve’s lunch we were dipping as we gossiped, was great. Have realised that I couldn’t write a Torchwood as my theory for the end of the series is well off. I won’t give anything away. Oh but I think I am allowed to say that Rose is coming back! Yay! Check out next months Bent for my interview with Russell and then it all goes Torchwood mad for February’s edition and see’s the most Simon in a Bent issue yet! Hurrah!

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