Friday, November 30, 2007

Birthdays & Anniversarys

So today was quite a mammoth day as it was not only Mr B’s birthday it was also our one year anniversary, well we didn’t start dating a year ago but we’ll just go with it! So naturally we had to do something special and I was only too happy to leave work early (don’t ask) and so at 4.30 I scarpered, I have been in at 7.30 most mornings thank you!

I had booked a table for 6pm at The Oxo Tower which is one of my favourite restaurants if you ever want to take me out. Before that I had to go and buy the bloody presents and cards – the same will happen with Christmas believe me I will be crazily careering down Oxford on Saturday the 21st. Mr B is a bit selfish having a birthday on our anniversary, honestly two occasions how greedy. He’d already got me Spice Girl tickets.

I met him to find him looking smart, sexy and well turned out. Unlike his boyfriend who was dressed in ripped jeans, a funky shirt and my favourite leather jacket. I was aiming for funky and ‘posh restaurant then club my pants off’ with the amount of rained I looked like a poorly turned out drowned rat. The woman at reception almost frowned; I don’t think the Botox was letting her fortunately.

The food was amazing, the view is stunning and the staff are superb. It was a wonderful meal. They also wrote Happy Birthday in chocolate on his fig pudding, he still thinks I organised it, I didn’t.

Trash Palace was the venue for his party. He had his own sectioned area… he thinks he is a celebrity, no comment from me. It was nice actually though to have somewhere you could leave your handbag and go and have a boogie. However at the end of the night he was asleep in said area. Lots of his and our friends turned up. Some of whom I had to dive in the car of at Piccadilly (thanks PP & G) to direct them to a parking space in Soho, we found one miraculously, get the tube loves.

Danced a lot and had two arguments with Mr B. In Brazil on your birthday you buy everyone drinks, I did not know this, and so had a go at hiom for not letting anyone buy him drinks. Then we had a row as G said he was being sexual with his mates bloke and drunk I started off on one, whoops! Lovely evening though even if I did regret the McDonalds at 3am!

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