Monday, December 17, 2007

I Can Tell The World...

Finally I can tell everyone why I’ve been so quiet and miserable sort of recently. After a fabulous 3 years at Milky I am leaving! Yes people were well and truly shocked. Spanners came straight over and gave me a huge hug, Muffintop and Shloe both got teary, and people seemed genuinely surprised, so my acting skills must be better than I thought.

It feels good to let everyone know, I have wanted to say something for a while but couldn’t and can’t say too much now. All I will say is as of the 21st I am jobless. Well I have Bent Magazine as you all know so really this is a very good chance for me to get on with my journalism work 100% without the day job getting in the way. Plus I am buggering off to Australia for the whole of February so I am taking January out and travelling until March. Then I will have had enough time to reflect and see what I want to do next. Oh and there’s also Panto which will take up 2 weeks of January so it’s working out quite well.

Speaking of travelling my secret weekend away was to Edinburgh! Lovely Spa Hotel and eating at the best restaurants all from Mr B as a treat as he knew I was a bit stressed and all over the place, it was lovely! So that’s my news really! I won’t be blogging much this week as I have masses to do before I leave Milky on Friday… eek! It’s a bit scary now!

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