Saturday, December 29, 2007

I End The Year As A Criminal...

I went to Hitchin in Hertfordshire today (did you know they have the warehouse of one of the biggest sex toy deliveries? Well you do now.) I was going for a COPL brainstorming day with Mitch and also to finally see her new house. I didn’t realise I would get in some trouble for it when I departed.

I decided to get an earlier train than planned, I forgot that when you get to Kings Cross you have to go to the bloody other side of the platform past Platform 9.3/4 when I got there I found there was a mammoth queue for the tickets and after buying my Burger King Breakfast I only had 5 minutes. I spoke to the guy on the Platform and he said that I could use my oyster card to get through and would be able to pay when I got to Hitchin.

Now when I got to Hitchin the f-ing jobs worth wanted confirmation from the station. Now considering I told him twice I came from Kings Cross he kept on insisting that he needed to talk to Finsbury Park station, who naturally said they had had no problems or queues. So I got FINED! Can you believe it? Bloody £20 and then I had to buy a single back. I got a ticket and a document to send my ‘argument’ to their head offices. Absolute pin heads oh I was fumigating! No, really!

Anyways I had a nice day with Mitch, we met up with Kaylord (who pretty much made us organise the day around her, I love her but she’s a real princess sometimes) for lunch in town. Mitch’s house is lovely, perfect for two and her and Matt seem very happy. I bought some cheap Ugg rip off’s. Well I’m not so gay I need the real thing, I will only ruin them.

We saw St. Trinian’s which was so bad it was almost brilliant! As for COPL well… we did some serious brainstorming though as from the picture below you will see it was under the influence of a certain substance and didn’t really amount to very much other than sniggering and giggling! Whoops!

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