Friday, December 14, 2007

The House of Secrets

It was our work (not Bent the other work) Christmas Party last night. I am not feeling hungover at all which is nice and was at work at 9am so I could leave at 2pm. Mr B surprised me this morning saying ‘be back by 5pm I am taking you away, you need to pack for the weekend and have your passport’. How exciting!

It was a ‘mystery’ what we were doing for the work event with lots of rumours going around I was personally praying for The Ivy. We shut up the office at 4.30 to get dolled up, I didn’t really doll up just wore a shirt and jeans which is a smart as I can get sometimes. We then had Champagne in the office until we were told to go outside at 6pm.

Outside was a private party Double Decker bus. We all got really excited and me and Spanners decide to sit at the front so we could see where we were going. This backfired when we were all asked to put blindfolds on. Oh before that one of the guys got of the bus for a wee and fell in the Thames how random is that, he was soaked to the chest and smelt… interesting! He later fell in a pond!

So we were blindfolded and me and Spanners were told off for groping each other, we didn’t realise the bus man was in front of us, the shame! We went around for ages making us all feel very sick and bursting for the toilet and then we stopped, in the middle of bloody nowhere. There was a random massive house, a council estate and a park. The house had a weird iron back entrance and we were all escorted through that into a weird garden. Firstly it snowed and then there was lots of smoke and eerie laughter and children singing in freaky voices. We made our way to the house via some random monsters popping out of the bushes and into what can only be described as a haunted old house. It was ODD!

The place was ‘The House of Secrets’ and is apparently quite well known. From 7pm to 10pm you get to nosey around and have magic tricks at your tables (the tabled area is like a cabaret) and have your future told. You go down and explore the haunted cellar which was so bad it was brilliant. I may have let out a little scream once. Then you have a magic show. I have to say it was awesome. Our MD got decapitated! After that it’s a disco until one. Sad so and so I am I left at 12.15 so I could get the tube home, but it was quite a good laugh, I just wasn’t quite in the mood. God I am a miserable git.

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