Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Secret Bloggers

Did you watch that show tonight on Channel 4 about ‘Secret Sex Bloggers’? It was quite fascinating and quite strange. It was all about the women who put their sex lives on the net for the world to see, you know like Belle Du Jour. Speaking of her I am meant to be interviewing Billie Piper before Xmas as the DVD of ‘Diary of a Call Girl’ is out in January; naturally I have run out and bought her autobiography.

The main focus of the show was the woman who called herself Abby Lee or ‘Girl with a One Tracked Mind’. She started writing her blog whilst she was unemployed and wrote about her sexual fantasies, thoughts and encounters. Pretty soon she was getting thousands of hits per month and with that came a lot of press interest and a book deal. Then she was ‘outed’, I found that term slightly wrong but there we go, and her life was splashed in the papers and she went through a severe depression.

The Channel 4 show wasn’t as tastefully done as some can be with press people slagging certain bloggers off and there was a lot of naked woman typing on laptops with their norks out which I don’t imagine is what they do. I mean I think they are probably either sat in an internet café, or in their pyjamas at their computer, but then that isn’t so sexy is it?

Part of me felt sorry for ‘Abby Lee’ and part of me didn’t. I mean to have your life so rudely looked into isn’t really fair and no one has done that to Belle Du Jour have they? Part of me also feels that anonymity should be a persons right. I don’t hide who I am, but then I don’t blog about how many cocks I have had and what they did and how large or not they were. Maybe I should I might get more readers? However if you are saying something explicit like Abby Lee or something evil like Naff Naff Queen Queen did people are naturally going to start saying ‘who is this’ or ‘do I know this person’ or ‘oh my god I bet you its…’ So in that light if your putting yourself out there maybe you should expect that people will look for you. Am I right?

It did make me think, well why do people blog? I blog as I am crap at keeping a diary, I want to remember things I have done or been through and maybe someone out there will smile or laugh or simply comment. I am not doing it for a book deal, if I wanted that I would write a book (well I am but that’s not the point) it’s an outlet for me and a chance for people, should they wish, to get to know me better. So why do you blog? Maybe this could be a piece for Bent? Send your answers to my inbox!

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