Friday, December 21, 2007

On My Milky Way

So it’s done! My time at Milky is over. What a weird last day as well. Got in at a normal hour, sorry but I was buggered if I was doing anymore 7am starts, plus G left on Wednesday (another shocker for the Milky family) and we normally did our thing that early. Oh that sounds rude ha-ha. Hardly any of my team were in, I had to send one of them to get Stink Bats leaving present, and yes that’s right we are all off!

We then got an email saying we were finishing at 1pm! I was meant to have a leaving lunch then L was most saddened. I decided to scrap that in favour of getting pissed at the pub with everyone. So then end of the day everyone crowed around my desk to say goodbye. Muffintop gave a lovely speech. SS2 said something and so did the MD so it was all left very positively.

The pub was a different story. People I don’t like and who have never really liked me (such a Woolly) did all that ‘I will miss you so much’ bollocks, I stayed very quiet. Then the more pissed people got the more they wanted to know ‘why I was leaving’ and ‘I just am’ didn’t seem to do much to shut them up. By 7pm I had had enough. Shloe was crying her eyes out, Jono was pissed and gave a speech on a stool and me and Muffintop buggered off for a curry. Maybe I was being sensitive or maybe I was much sadder than I thought. I got a bloody Nintendo DS as a leaving gift though which was really nice, I was quite shocked!

So that’s the end of that era. 2008 is looming and I am in a strange position where really the world is my oyster. Mind you oysters make me ill!

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