Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thats Christmas Over & Done With

Back in London after Christmas… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh and RELAX! I am not a fan of Christmas, yes I know shocking isn’t it, and you would have thought that I would revel in the tinsel and the shopping and the alcohol. Well the latter is fine. I haven’t put a tree up or any decorations in the flat much to Mr B distress; he says it feels miserable, I said ‘let it’.

Christmas for me is too stressful. I hate the shopping, each year I vow that I will buy the presents nice and early and not hit the mad rush. This year as always I am shopping on the last Saturday before Christmas involving four, yes four, runs into Wimbledon as some of the presents are huge. I got thoroughly pissed off and had to buy myself two Nintendo DS games just to lighten the mood. I am stuck on the Simpson’s which is really frustrating me!

Then there are the hideous train journeys. Two bloody trains to my mothers and this year Euston was closed and so we went from Marylebone on a train where you can’t book a seat, there is no where to put your luggage and they don’t serve drinks or food or seem to have a heating system. Plus the journey that route takes a nice 3.5 hours! Oh and on the way back we were next to so ex cons that had come out of prison that day and were bragging about all the shit they had done, how nice.

Christmas is also about rowing. Big old rows over nothing. Mum and Tim were arguing on the first night about stepsister 2. Who was coming then wasn’t then was via taxi costing Tim £40, she really needs to grow up. I love her but sweet lord. All week it’s been ‘Simon is being mean to me’ fine if you are 10 like Mim, but at 19? It took me saying ‘look I’m 25 and our 19 I have much better things to do than pick on you’ to stop that one. Then it was ‘you locked me in a cupboard 9 years ago’ who cares, I was a little sod and I did lock her up, move on! Me and Amy did it as she was annoying us; I was 16 for goodness sake. Mr B wasn’t sure about it either, every time he tried to talk to her she would talk over him.

Mum and I had a blazer. Christmas Eve we decide to go and see Enchanted. Brilliant film, my mother almost wet herself, seriously. She announced we were leaving in ten minutes whilst we were all in our pyjamas so I flew into a rage. I also called her Hitler on Christmas Day. This was because we had to go a walk ‘yes, even you Simon’ and we couldn’t open any presents until we got back then we could then we couldn’t. Then I was talked to about how to behave with Mr B when Tim’s Mum was there for Christmas dinner, she’s a Methodist and not a big fan of gays. She was fine we had a right laugh; she’s got a very wicked sense of humour which I adored.

I went to Midnight Mass, I am the least religious person ever but Mr B wanted to go so I went along to support him. I managed to drop my hymn book and shout ‘fuck it’ within 5 minutes of being in there. Met some real white witches, Mums new friends who I LOVED! They were so interesting and not at all bothered about telling me all ‘we don’t dance around naked sucking animal blood like people would think’. On Boxing Day we watched them doing some Morris dancing in Ironbridge on the Iron Bridge. It’s the oldest Iron Bridge in the world apparently.

Presents given all good Mr B gave me a brilliant new camera, Kylie tickets (Kylie was a theme my family went with last year and this – how stereotypical, and how much I loved them) and Spice Girls tickets which he’d already given me, books and bits from Mum. Shower stuff from Tim’s Mum – bless her! Seth bloody loved his remote control K-9. Dr Who was watched and scorned by the family as being boring. Kylie wasn’t bad though.

See it’s stressful. Mr B got the rough end of my tongue (not in a rude way) when he said me and my mother are so similar i.e. stressy and volatile. I have to agree, I still had a big sulk.

Now I am back and boy does it feel good to be home. Now all I have to panic about is sorting out New Years Eve… bugger!

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