Friday, December 07, 2007

Simon As A Geisha

Tonight was the launch of a new bar in Soho called Geisha. I was lucky enough to be invited and naturally was really early so stood outside with Muffintop in the freezing cold. I should have been late isn’t that deemed the most fashionable thing to do, I always get it wrong. Damn.

Geisha has been advertising itself as one of the hottest night spots – but they all say that – to join Soho (even if technically its more Leicester Square) and is actually where the Ku Bar used to be. They had Jodie Harsh in the line up to DJ and promised a night of cheap drinks, well free until 9pm, and celebrities. It was kind of like that.

We dolled up and were greeted by the lovely PR people who were nice. Then I bumped into Heidilicious who is always very friendly even if after meeting me several times she never remembers me ha-ha! We grabbed a free cocktail, mine was blue and looked pretty revolting but tasted gorgeous sadly I drank so many I cant remember what the bugger was called as I could do with another one now. Jodie Harsh arrived in a blaze of photos and got on with the DJ-ing. I have to say her set was brilliant with a wicked remix of ‘2 Hearts’ and ‘Gimme More’ playing.

Celeb wise? Nikki Graham was at the bar, she is soooooooo small and cute, she looked thoroughly bored, looked at me said ‘hello?’ I said ‘hello’ back and that was me done with. She then threw her drink over one of the guests accidentally which made me laugh. Michelle from the Apprentice came, scanned the area and left, enough said. Then I kept seeing people I sort of might have known.

Oh the bar itself… silly me. It’s very pink. It’s not very Japanese or Chinese. They have quite fabulous wallpaper. The bar is something to behold all neon pink lights and an amazing set of lights (I can’t quite describe them) above. The only downside is that the staircase is really wide and so the bar is really far forward so trying to get past people was a slight logistical nightmare as the queued at the bar. Oh and weirdly the toilets are in the Chinese Mall next door so you have to go out the bar upstairs and into the mall to have a wee, not actually in the mall obviously.

Highlight of the night – Really drunk vile sleazy man tried chatting me up at the bar. He then followed me upstairs with his friend and kept trying to talk to Muffintop she simply said ‘not interested, never’ isn’t she fabulous and a bit evil lol.

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