Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Panto Panto Panto!!!!

I have been back to Greenwich and the surrounding area quite a lot of late. Firstly there was a few weeks ago when me and Mr B just decided to go as I had a moment of upset and couldn’t do the London Dungeon. At the weekend I was in Greenwich to have a musical rehearsal at Greenwich College… the time where no one answered their phone and I was stuck outside for 45 minutes before buggering off home again.

This week I have been back in Charlton where I used to get very drunk with my lesbian friend Gill. We once were so drunk actually on New Years Eve that we missed our lift to work (at the Millennium Dome) and had to walk all the way before being sent home for being to ill to work and smelling of drink, whoops, those days are over… well during the week anyways. We had a musical rehearsal for the chorus and I now feel I am bonding more with people, its sad that the chorus seem to rehearse separate from everyone else, but I am not in charge so I should shut up. Tonight we were at Dawny Owl’s in Hackney and I was really late as the tubes closed and buses were a frigging nightmare. God bless London Transport.

The vocals are actually really good if I say so myself. I recorded them tonight after realising that my MP3 player can record live sound, I’ve only had the think a year! Tut! And I bought a bloody Dictaphone! Listening back it sounds quite good, I just need to learn the bloody dance routines again now!

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