Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Panto Time

You may remember, or you may not, that I told you quite a while back that I was getting involved with the Out Everywhere Panto. Well tonight was my first rehearsal and despite being bloody nervous – I am not good with new people I never know what to say and that tends to come across as me being rude, I’m not I’m just a bit shy. I know shocking isn’t it?

I met the producer/Dame at the Kings Cross and my nerves eased off, my conversation skills were a bit lacking however once in the swing of getting lost down lots of streets to our destination it flowed nicely. There had been some drama’s the night before at rehearsals apparently which made me chortle. I mean come on a Panto Company made of gay men and lesbians, without berating my own, there are naturally going to be some dramas along the road. There had already been quite an issue on Out already which I gladly missed.

I saw my costume for the first time and its very panto and I am really chuffed with it! I was expecting something quite out there, which it is, but its got a simplicity I like, its very orange.

Tonight was my first rehearsal (though others had one before) and I was sure I was going to find the dance routine bloody hard work but I didn’t, I certainly didn’t get it first time I got the gist of it though and sure enough eventually knew it through, there is one jump I tend to forget. I’ll probably have forgotten the whole lot by the next rehearsal.

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