Monday, November 12, 2007

Anders Panders

I finally caught up with Anders Panders tonight after quite some time which is shameful. I would bore you with all that we did (meal at Balans – delicious, then on a small pub crawl in Soho) instead as I am having a very nostalgic emotional week so far I am going to tell you why I love him so!

Panders is one of the most genuine, down to earth people I have ever met. He moved into a house I was sharing back in 2001 and from the off he was just lovely and we got on really well. In developed a bit of a crush (and was a bit of a bastard when he moved out as I was really sad) and a genuine true friendship was made – partly over a love of Kylie, all things Pop and Miss Congeniality. He introduced me to Tina Arena (hoorah) and Harry Connick Jnr (dubious) and told m I sung like Victoria Beckham, at the time I was flattered… I was a fan, now I am not so sure.

Since then he has introduced me to Kath & Kim before they were big here, Lucie Silvas and the diva that is Beverley Knight. I’m not quite sure what I have introduced him to other than copies of Kylie songs that she has never released! Panders, please help me out with this. We went through the emotional times of his relationship with ‘Cat flap’ and my relationship with the ‘Tantric TV God’ and the whole mad fag hag syndrome. Then we had the flashing and footsie phase – he once ran naked down Ranelagh Road in Plaistow much to my egging on and hilarity. I released his gullible side ‘Mexx is a shop for dyslexics as they all read the same things wrong’ which he believed and laughed hysterically at the ‘women always have milk in their boobs’ debate. We danced in the kitchen to Can’t Get You Out of My Head in our white dressing gowns for a summer, and became obsessed with Tina Arenas latest album

He moved out and introduced me (after my grump) to the delights, well sort of, of Chelmsford by taking me to Chicago’s which was a hoot and won us tickets to Kylie’s ‘Body Language’ concert. We’ve had a weekend in Hammersmith (dear lord) to see Kylie – can you spot a Kylie them – and sent me lots of fabulous CD’s when he worked for a record company. I’ve managed to get him into a few gigs, see some Pam Ann and made him come out on a New Years eve when he was going to ‘stay in’.

Tonight was no different, we laughed at each others various drama’s he got emotional, the wet lettuce, about my granddad. We discussed our love lives and got a bit drunk frankly. A pure Panders moment came up tonight which made me laugh for quite some time and shock horror involved Kylie. ‘2 Hearts’ came on… a man stood in the way of her beautiful image and Panders butchly shouts ‘MOVE!’ He’s a legend I just thought I would tell you all that.

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