Monday, November 26, 2007

Sickly First Impressions

Had a fabulous night out tonight with the ex-ex Talcum and his mate K. We did a major pub crawl, but not until after I had been out on behalf of Bent.

The event was the launch of the Take That (which hasn’t been authorised by them) Musical ‘Never Forget’. The event was nice sadly I was still ridiculously sick (so why I went for a big pub crawl after is beyond me, but hey I’m young-ish) I didn’t even smile for the fabulous Sally Lindsay who was there. I managed to polish of some canap├ęs and some free champagne naturally and then felt about 100% worse.

The lads were on form (only four of them were there – Robbie was missing, how appropriate) and were very pleasant but I couldn’t really have a full on conversation for fear of being sick in their laps, have rearranged an interview for when the show opens in the New Year. Got a nice goodie bag out of tit though and am wearing my Never Forget necklace with pride.

So the evening went from there to G-A-Y Bar, Profile, Comptons, Village and my fav haunt Trash Palace then as it was charge to get in we went to CXR 79 god I had forgotten how much that place is… (insert your own word, am sure some of you will love it… I might).

Now I am at home after a good vomit. I am so classy!

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