Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Bit Of Upset & Onto Memories Past

I had a really lovely day today, after a really awful start. I was fine when I woke up, a little too much sleep had left me overtired but I was really looking forward to a day with Mr B at the London Dungeon. Got up got dressed got ready as normal seemed fine and got on the tube. Out of absolutely nowhere I had really strong thoughts about Bong and that was it, I was in floods between Elephant and Castle and London Bridge. I could see tourists and Londoners looking at me thinking ‘we know the northern line is bad, that bad though, surely not.’ Got off the tube went to London Dungeon and just simply could not go in, I was a bit of a wreck. I think the last few weeks just hit me all of a sudden.

Mr. B was awesome as ever. He simply guided his emotional time bomb of a boyfriend away from the crowds to the river took me on a long walk to tower bridge and past the tower, got me a Starbucks and just sat with me while it all poured out. After a while I was fine and the whole thing subsided, grief is a weird bugger.

The day was saved as we decided randomly to get a boat from the Tower to Greenwich. I hadn’t been there since the Millennium Dome days after seven years (a long time to not visit somewhere you loved and live near) its not really changed. We went to the park that used to be my lunch patch. Looked at where once had been ‘The Gloucester’ and I had a long reminisce. We pottered around the old vintage market where Mr B bought something I can only describe as the ‘most hideous coat I have ever seen’ it made him happy though. Then we went to the food and trinkets market where we ate shed loads, there was a delicious mozzarella thing which I so wish I could make, yummity yum.

Instead of getting the boat back we decided to take a really scenic dusk ride on the DLR to the dome (a very long way round) to catch a movie. I have to say looking at Canary Wharf and the docklands with all their lights (lets forget the greenhouse for a moment) was absolutely stunning. It didn’t feel like London at all.

The O2 looks great, I haven’t been to see anything inside yet, just the way its all laid out like a village is fantastic. It doesn’t resemble the madhouse that I used to work in 1999/2000 its very quiet which I am sure will change and just feels really new and well used, after the amount it bloody cost it was about time. The cinema looked great sadly the selection of movies not so, we just grabbed a Pizza Express and went home.

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