Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gaydar Double Delights

No it’s not going to be the blog you so think it might be… I am not going all ‘Belle(nd) Du Jour’ for you all now, though I have thought about it frankly. I mean I might get more readers hahahahahaha.

Gaydar have had two fabulous nights this week and I have been lucky enough to attend them. In honour of World Aids Day on Saturday last night they threw a Champagne Reception with NAT (National Aids Trust) which involved a fabulous raffle, that I bitterly didn’t win, I would have loved to win another holiday, damn it!

I went alone which freaked me out frankly as I am not good around new people, I will not say hello to anyone in case they think I am a dick. No comments please, its something I am working on. Anyways I had a right old laugh. Everyone at NAT is ace, I met two mental sisters that were brilliant and Susann from Gaydar was fabulously friendly. It was a brilliant night and meant I knew quite a few faces for this evening. One fo whom was Gerry from the last Big Brother who told me all about his ear infection, not a conversation I thought I would have with him.

Tonight’s event was the launch of Lo-Profile the new Gaydar Club. Its ace! There’s an amazing infinity tunnel of stars and shapes all flashing dragging you inside, downstairs is all black glass and leather. It helped we were met by semi clad men holding champagne. I was feeling better by today thank you very much so necked the stuff back. Took Muffintop with me who got all the trannies especially Miss Kimberley telling her how fabulous she was. Gerry turned up and thought the same. Richard from previous BB didn’t however. Polly was so excited to see him and he sorta blanked her in his fabulous outfit the poor love, she was happy with Gerry though. I came out with a cracking middle aged line “oh tonight I might go crazy and stay out until 10.30” what in gods name is wrong with me?

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