Friday, November 09, 2007

The Pre-30's Pensioners

If I have ever felt old then tonight is the night that I have felt my oldest. After a crumby week with my mouth I have finally started to feel better, believe me the relief of no longer resembling a mutant gerbil is something to celebrate. I cant celebrate anything at the moment however as due to the high level of antibiotics I am on I cannot drink. So tonight me and Polly did an alcohol free evening… there were still hysterics.

We did our usual wandering around book shops for a while gossiping about general rubbish, and then headed to Tuk Tuk our favourite Thai restaurant (cheap as chips) on Old Compton Street and I had a rather awesome curry noodle concoction. We then like a pair of OAP’s went to Patisserie Valerie where I had a Mocha Parfait and Pol had camomile tea and a delicious cake each and started talking like we were ninety five, it was like we were possessed. We were then debating what we were going to do with the rest of our evenings to which I replied ‘oh, I might have a nice cup of tea in the bath before a book at bedtime’. Oh dear – aged 25 and on a Friday night that’s my idea of fun. What has my life come to?

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