Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sick As Sick

A hard week this week. I have to say I have really not enjoyed it. Not had anymore Bent stuff to do which I suppose was a high and then a low, I do have masses next week which is good. Haven’t really seen Mr B at all which is quite hard also. It’s a grumpy hello from me at 2am and a grumpy goodbye from him at 7am so its not really a relationship in its prime. Again I am sure it will be fine.

Saw my friend Married Man on Tuesday who hadn’t seen for an age. His name obviously isn’t married man but he is married and gay so I won’t out him on my Blog. It had been too long so it was good to grab a bite to eat and a coffee at St Paul’s, very scenic too.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all just a bit grey and nothingness. Yesterday I was super duper hyped for my first BIG interview, its not coming out yet and I cant say who with sorry. Met my mate Mitch early Saturday morning and had a lovely full English in Soho before meeting Pol at our latest favourite venue Patisserie Valerie (we also can’t stop singing ‘Valerie’ like Amy Winehouse once inside) for a coffee and a cake, then met Cake and Matt on the embankment before going to The Clink Prison Museum. It’s so bad it’s almost good, I say almost. Cake tried beheading me which was nice. They had lunch and I started to feel funny. I thought it might be nerves, so went home had a nice long relaxing soak before going to do the interview.

On the tube I felt worse, not caused by the northern line for once, a hello and a few questions in and I had to run for the loo. Yes my first proper interview and I had food poisoning! Damn that full greasy English. I have no further comments.

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