Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting More Bent

I am buzzing today as I have had a promotion at Bent… hoorah! After being the Agony Uncle for over a year I am now also going to be doing everything London based from interviews to reviews, to bar openings and big nights out. I simply cannot express how chuffed I am, Bong has been doing his work somewhere up there or wherever he is.

I have been nagging my editor for weeks and weeks about ‘what else can I do’, ‘is there anything else I could wing your way’ etc, etc. Now it seems to have paid off. Not sure what my first bits and bobs are going to be, I think it will all come to me in dribs and drabs, and then hopefully be a big gush of work.

I am also looking at extra stuff that I could write and get some more coverage on so any ideas please wing them my way. Right I am off to celebrate with a nice cup of tea!

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