Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Wedding That Whizzed By

After a final day or last minute packing, it was my final night of freedom (silly expression) with my Best Woman Muffintop. This entailed a visit to the cinema to see Indiana Jones and the Stupidly Ridiculous Plot That Will Ruin The Whole Series, a few cocktails in The Green in Angel and some pear cider and The Princess Bride. It was then the wedding day.

Was I woken up yesterday with birds singing and bright skies? Yes, only mingled with an enormous migraine which made me sick. I think it was a mixture of nerves, stress, tension and not enough water with my pear cider me thinks. From the madness of getting ready and the Number 30 bus to the venue it all is a crazy blur until I got home at 4am. Not a drunken one, I was merry, when they say your wedding day whizzes by they are spot on.

It was a very happy, very merry and very wonderful day. We had a couple of technical hitches at the ceremony (which involved me getting my iPod shuffle out in front of the whole congregation to find the track to enter and exit) and a few tears. The dinner was gorgeous and the speeches were moving and hilarious, bar mine which was rushed, how can you forget to write your own speech?

Here is a picture of Mr B (now Mr S) and myself with the bridesmaid and best man (one best man didn’t even show up) for you.
Here's one of the happy couple and Mr B's new in-laws...
...And here is one of the grooms at The Masked Ball.
And here is one of the grooms possibly a little bit drunk... maybe?
Was it the happiest day of my life? Most definitely.

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