Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Does The O.D Stand for Over Dose?

The last few days have seen me bored silly, I pulled a random muscle (I wasn’t aware I had any) in my leg and have had to have a few days of painful lying down. Rather than spend hours creating a masterpiece of some sort I treated myself to a full day leg up with my laptop catching up with all the TV I’ve missed and some I didn’t even know I wanted to watch. Thank the heavens above for BBC iPlayer and 4od. So some of the joys that I watched…

Mum & Me (BBC iPlayer) – I normally love documentaries by Sue Bourne, in fact I made a big blog about how much I loved her Channel 4 documentary My Street. I have never ever wanted to slap someone so much in my life. Actually there is someone else coming up but for now lets concentrate on Sue and her brat child. The documentary was all about the relationship over 3 years of Sue, her daughter and her mother with Alzheimer’s. This is a subject that is very close to my heart as my Uncle Derek suffers from this and is in a home. Sue whined and moaned and bitched about the relationship with her mother in the past (we all have problems with parents, they are parents stop moaning) and how she ‘had’ to make the trek once a month to her home in Scotland from London. Here’s a simple solution move your mother to a home in London and then you can stop bitching about how much it costs and how ungrateful she is for her day trips out. I have seen people in my uncles home who hit, shout, throw their shit around and abuse, Sue Bourne’s mother was one of the happiest people with Alzheimer’s I have ever seen. She was generally jolly and only on the odd occasion like when Sue had been moaning about the fact she smelt of urine, they do they aren’t in control, and she said ‘its not nice when your told you’re a smelly old bitch’. Sue then tirades into ‘oh I never said that’ actually you did you vile woman. The worst bit for me was when she hit her mother. These people, its not hard science to comprehend, do not understand what they are saying and doing is wrong, they have gone back to being childlike and need looking after, and it takes and adult to do that. Not some stupid woman and her giggling little shit of a child. Sorry it made me so cross.

13 Children & Wanting More (4od) – OK now anyone who wants to give birth that many times in my mind is crazy. I know its everyone’s right to have as many children as they want, no issues there. What bothered me was a woman crying as she couldn’t get pregnant for a 14th time. I know several women who would kill to be pregnant once, so please when you have 13 don’t moan. Even worse was a man who quite obviously had something wrong with him as his wife was obviously seriously ill from so much child bearing and he kept saying (as she was in tearful agony) ‘its just god’s way’ and ‘I don’t wear condoms it’s not natural. No it’s not but then without them thousands more would die every year! Also he was on benefits, now that’s where I got angry. Have as many children as you want, but please don’t make me pay for them.

Gay To Z Series (4od) – I didn’t feel much about this one way or the other after fiver twenty minute episodes. There was a lovely lesbian in Brighton who I felt I wanted to be best friends with.

Reverend Death (4od) – Well I loved this show, only for how crazy the people were. It made me a little cross but nothing like the two above, possibly because it seemed so unreal. This was the story of a man whose name I cannot remember who basically is a self appointed martyr to suicide. Now as far as I could tell the guy was honey nut! After showing the tools of his trade he announced how many people whose suicide he had helped. Some people think suicide is wrong, I don’t agree with it, I do however think there are people who have illnesses and need help then that should be a life choice. People who want to kill themselves generally have some form of depression who need a psychologist (who takes them seriously and sorts them out) rather than a middle aged man, who comes round for a cuppa brings you a video on peoples ‘fabulous’ out of body death experiences. Later on as he ‘helped’ someone kill themselves over the phone and reach what looked very much like an orgasm, I wanted to hurl. When they announced he was gay, well I just thought ‘thanks very much another great gay public figure to boost any homophobes opinions out there’. You need to see this show to believe it.

Skins Series One (4od) – I have to admit I love this show, absolutely love it. After years of me refusing to give into it and the hype I am fully converted and am almost finished with series one and ready to start series 2. Favourite scene so far is start of episode 4 and the morning glory/Viagra lavatory and shower scene I laughed so much, all my muscles hurt. I love Cassie ‘yeah… wow’.

Well that covers today’s viewings so far… think going to put the laptop down and try and wean myself off the internet viewing, to start the whole of Sex & The City once again. Oh the life of a coach potato.

Please note: I don’t normally watch this much telly.

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