Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Husband & I

We met the family and the best women for our first lunch as husband and husband today at Little Italy and the first question everyone asks, and a lot of guests were asking yesterday, is ‘does it feel any different?’ The answer… in some ways yes in some ways no.

I am certainly enjoying the newness of saying ‘my husband’ but to hear myself referred to as that is really odd. We weren’t sure if that was what we would call each other, for a while it was a joke of who should be the wife? If one of us did some thing particularly domestic (like when I was in joyous rapture over our new hot plate coffee maker in Curry’s) or when one of us is particularly nagging the other (Mr S to tidy our table which is a mess of brainstorming and papers as its also my desk) then instantly its ‘oh you’ll be wife’. We both hate the term ‘life partner’ it’s not a sodding business, it’s a marriage.

I love Mr S more and more every day so to say I love him more is a natural thing, there is something different there now. I look at him a bit differently, not in an odd way but in a nice way. Watching him sleeping last night I thought ‘wow, that’s my husband’. There is definitely a bond I have never felt with someone before now, it’s quite indescribable but that is enough of the mush.

It does feel a bit rubbish that the wedding is all done and gone. Then you realise that yes that amazing day has gone however you have a future filled with things and experiences to share. The first one was Lovers and Losers 1st Birthday Party at Trash Palace where the delicious DJ’s Dom Agius and Paul Burston put on a lovely bash which we could only manage the first couple of hours at as we were so thoroughly knackered. It was lovely to see them Mick, Paulo, Matt and Arun. We missed blinking Juliette though as she’s such a socialite she arrived late.

The second one we are doing you can all be a part of in a random sort of a way, its not often I get the begging bowl out, however I am about to. On Sunday we will be participating in the Walk for Life and we would love it if people would sponsor us. To sponsor me you can go to and/or to sponsor Mr S go to if you wanted to sponsor both of us that would be great. We are doing it for GMFA which is a fabulous charity that does great things for sexual health and HIV/Aids. So please, please, please sponsor us. From my husband and I.

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