Thursday, May 08, 2008

Giving Notice & No Notice Giving

Finally today Mr B and I gave notice, no not on the flat (though the thought is tempting we are now have scaffolding to the nines) the 16 days notice that you need to give before you get partnered up. We were greeted as ever by the vile Betsy who you think given the name would be a fabulous ‘Golden Girl’ woman and who is in fact a homophobe who I have already once had words with. You can see a previous blog for that, she is vile, she can’t be arsed to do her job is obviously unsatisfied and so turns to being a complete bitch, but with a cyanide smile. There were no water cups for the machine and the face she pulled when nicely asked to get some more was akin to Medusa. I know, I know, I know if she was on the telly and not part of my life I would love her.

Patricia then came to meet us and to give us our separate interviews. Now can I just say that bar Bitch Betsy the people at the offices are wonderful, we have laughed with them all and had a gay old time, Patricia was one of these people… and laugh during my interview? I howled. She is also somewhat a celebrity in Registrar circles being the first ever black female registrar in the UK. I know this as she had some cuttings on her wall and we had a lovely chat about it. I can’t divulge all the questions (a very silly rule) but we did come to a hiccup when I couldn’t remember how to spell my dads first or last name. I refused to have him ‘blanked’ but even phoning my mother she couldn’t remember ‘it’s been over 26 years Simon’ and he wasn’t at home or at work. So if he is spelt wrong whoops.

The whole thing took around an hour or so and then it was done… phew! After this we found out that Jenny cannot do our ceremony which was a bit gutting as we loved her and her Kath and Kim-ness but we have met the two ladies who will be doing the service and they are lovely, again there was more laughter and we sorted out some of the ceremony and how it will work. With just over two weeks to go it was about time.

After that I went to relax and tan at the Oasis in town. I normally don’t like the sun but after enjoying it thoroughly in Philly I thought that this year I will make an exception so with my notebooks, current read and mp3 player in tow I was off. I had forgotten how cruisey it was. There were groups of gay men and single gay men just out on ‘crotch watch’ I think me in my Speedo’s might have put them off but I wasn’t caring. What I loved was the ‘look at us’ preening some of them were doing. One particular group, who I swear all had socks down their trunks, were bitching about people, each other when the others were swimming and preening endlessly. Now that was great for the notebook, however I had to pretend that I wasn’t noticing them as didn’t want to give them the satisfaction or the opportunity to bitch about me.

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