Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Domestic in Domestic Heaven

Oh the joys of Ikea. With a trolley in our hands and vouchers in our pockets myself and Mr S took on the showrooms of Ikea with the determination to spend money and buy absolutely loads. I am not normally someone who likes to mooch through shops unless they are book shops, the showrooms of Ikea are something quite different. I like to linger in every room they have created for as long as possible thinking is this me? Is this the future of my lifestyle and my home? I spent about 20 minutes in one set of rooms imagining they were my very own. I could see that Mr S was beginning to get very bored. Forty minutes of me aimlessly browsing around we went for food, it appeared that the mood Mr S was in was being caused by hunger. You cant beat Ikea food… ok you can, but the meatballs yummy!

Food done and it was down to some serious shopping, well that was the plan. The thing was nothing big leapt out at us. I mean in terms of some glasses, pointless utensils and a serious amount of flat packing in fabulous patterns (to be explained later) there was nothing. The sofa beds were boring and some were just stupidly priced, there were some shelves we liked but then we bought a TV table and so couldn’t carry them, we’ll be going back. So rather than spend the vouchers we got, I couldn’t say to people ‘thanks for the wedding gift, I got a whisk, cat basket and some dishtowels’. We are gonna wait for the sale. Sadly somewhere between lighting and cushions a world war erupted, over a ‘real need’ for a garlic press I has spotted in the trolley that we totally didn’t need, I lost. It then spilled into something else and we were having a domestic in the rug section. Fortunately my friend Holly’s track ‘I Don’t Care’ came on and we both started praising and texting her. So that was that dealt with.

Now Mr S has gone to work and I am doing some serious reorganising. I haven’t really unpacked or sorted a lot of stuff in the flat since I moved in back in December… 2006! So now I am having a break from being arm deep in old nasty tatty flat pack boxes which make the flat look like a disused warehouse and going for something floral, fabulous and more of a feature. Once I am done you can see the delightful effects… oh and when Mr S has made the tv table, I am good at seeing how everything should look and imagining the final results, I am hopeless at putting those results together.
On no that would be a showroom...

This is it in all its glory, yes the cat is real and so is the rubbish in the back ground!

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Polly said...

Ooh it's like changing rooms or something - looks lovely!