Saturday, May 17, 2008

Only A Week To Go

Sitting here now I cannot believe that in one week I will be a happily married man. Well I hope happily, if I am not happy in the first five hours might be an issue. Almost everything seems to be done and the budget is over but what the hell I don’t intend having Elizabeth Taylor’s marital record, her money wouldn’t be bad. The thought of having a ‘husband’ does seem quite surreal, I guess the planning and organising of everything has taken my mind off the significance of the whole event at the moment it just seems like I am planning a fabulous day for friends and family.

I have been writing my speech today and looking back over the time since Mr B and I first met (in GAY of all places) and it’s been a nightmare, what are you meant to say to describe someone? It is not going to mushy (well not too often) I’m hoping it will be a success, he is still undecided on his or if he is even doing one.

We’ve bought our ‘his and his’ masks. I have never known such a nightmare, as you learn in a wedding it’s the little things that cause the most grief. I was firstly in the mask shop two hours prior with Dwarf choosing 6 different peoples masks from the small (I am being sarcastic) selection of 200 masks available. It involved several very stressed tense phone calls to both best women one of whom almost threw up from a hangover during the call – that’s dedication. Two hours on and Mr B and I were at loggerheads, he wanted a clown mask, I wanted something more ‘Showgirl’ you will have to wait for the photos to see which one of us won the battle, it took some persuading from both parties.

So am I going to miss being a single man? Yes and no. I mean I haven’t technically been single for quite a while now, and we don’t do ‘open’. Yeah there are those first dates where the butterflies are all over the place and all the firsts. However there will be many firsts to come I hope, first home, first married row, first anniversary and one first of which we are both keen on is first child, that is a blog for many moons in time. However this morning was an example of why married life will be more intimate than those first few lustful bedroom moments when you meet someone. It was the two of us lying in bed reading our books, there is something distinctly intimate in that, I can’t quite describe it!

Will I miss being out on the gay scene with my mates talking about sex, men and having a frivolous night? Hell no, those nights aren’t going to stop, the only difference is I will have a slightly bejewelled and fabulous ring on my finger. I have just realised I am not having a stag do; it’s too late in the day now I guess. Maybe I will have a ‘fuck I’m married’ party instead in fact that sounds quite fabulous.

Oh and one question a few people have asked is will I become Simon B? No, Mr be as of next Saturday will be known as Mr S, yes he loves my family and my surname so he is changing to mine. Simon Brustolon doesn’t have the same ring as Simon Savidge I don’t find.

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