Friday, May 23, 2008

The Longest Fastest Week

It sounds stupid to say that a week can drag and yet seem to whiz by, this one has and therefore I can say it! Tomorrow of course is the big day. After endless weeks of preparation and debating what we wanted and how it’s now almost all ready, and it’s a little daunting but very exciting.

This week there have been days of ups like Monday where I spent a wonderful lunchtime with Mr Agius in The Grenadier in Belgravia, Madonna goes there don’t you know, and then had a lovely drunken dinner with Mr B and The Ex.

Tuesday in a foul mood after the delightful row and emails from Stephen (Dad just isn’t a title I am going to be using again. Oh update on that, my grandparents sent me a lovely letter and card so more proof Stephen talks absolute tripe.

Wednesday was a manic rush to get the perfect shirts and ties. In Debenhams Groomzilla threatened to raise his ugly head after being told ‘purple is so not this seasons fashionable colour’ he controlled himself and only silently spoke the words ‘coming from you that’s ironic’ under his breath… he is a one that alter ego. Speaking of alter egos I then decided to treat myself to ‘Iron Man’ is it wrong to say that Robert Downey Jr is a damn fine example of a man? Well he is, and as far as super hero movies go Iron Man was a good effort. 4/5

Yesterday I was glum and misery guts to the hilt. The Ex came round for a coffee and tried to cheer me up and succeeded. I then had an evening of black and white heaven with Bette Davis, just what you need when you’re feeling a bit down trodden and over stretched. ‘Whatever Happens To Baby Jane’ is one of my all time favourite movies though now I fear it may have to step aside for ‘Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte’ which is a thing of genius!

Today I am feeling much better. Have started the mammoth Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber and am already 100% sure I am going to love it, a whole 800+ pages of joy to come.

People have been asking ‘how do you feel with it being tomorrow?’ It’s a strange one to answer, part of me is really looking forward to the whole thing, I kind of want the ceremony over so that I can natter to all the guests and catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages. Part of me is numb and can’t quite believe its happening. Part of me is worried as one particular guest is renowned for saying the complete wrong thing to people and I am nervous something might kick off, the best women have been notified ha, ha. One massive part of me sees that after tomorrow this is a new phase in my life. I plan on much less drama and my have a spiritual kind of ‘clear out’.

You definitely learn who your friends are in a process like this. Some people you would least expect phone you all the time and check how it’s going, others of your closest don’t seem to give a monkeys and a fair few make the day so much about themselves you want to scream ‘this is the only day I can legitimately say is all about me’. I think my most common quote this week has been ‘I could kill…’ and if I had followed it through there may have been quite a massacre in London Town. So here’s to new beginnings and a new phase starting tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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